Meet Lauren, diagnosed with a brain tumour, aged 21

Meet Lauren, diagnosed with a brain tumour, aged 21

I was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Brain Tumour when I was 21, after I had surgery in November 2016. I had known the tumour was there since 2008, but at that time it didn’t seem to be a threat. Years of MRI scanning and small growth each year encouraged my decision that the tumour needed to be removed. 

I was working in retail everything was just “normal life.” 

I didn’t really understand, I just thought 'oh it’s another thing I’ve got to deal with, let’s get through it,' but as treatment got harder, the realisation of it all started to sink in and I wondered how I could keep being strong. I started to feel so alone and that no one could really understand how I was feeling, but trying to put on a brave face for my loved ones was the most draining part. 

I think for me, the biggest struggles to overcome were how tired and unwell the treatment made me feel; I just had no energy and the emotional side of it all became a lot to deal with. When I lost my hair, it just made me realise how real it was all becoming 

My first event with Teens Unite was the Activity Stay which I was really nervous about going to as I’ve never done or been involved with anything like that before. 

The support I got and still get from Teens Unite is unreal; they make me feel so comfortable and welcoming to the Teens Unite family which I can honestly say I am so happy to be a part of.

Not only have they built my confidence back up to make me feel like “me” again, they have introduced me to some amazing and inspiring people all going through similar things as me, who I can say are now really great friends that I can talk to about anything and they understand!

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