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Make your birthday count!

Going online with your birthday celebrations means you can celebrate and make a difference for teenagers and young adults fighting cancer when they need it the most.

So why not ask you friends and family to show their love by supporting your Facebook fundraiser? 

Setting it up is really easy and 100% of all of the donations will come directly to Teens Unite to support our Teens Events & Activities:

1.    Go to our Facebook page and click on 'fundraisers' from the menu on the left
2.    Then the 'raise money' button on the right
3.    And follow the steps from there.

Make sure you shout about it!

Share your fundraiser with your Facebook family and make sure everyone gets an invite to the online celebrations.

PS. The Fun-draising isn’t limited to your birthday – if you have an anniversary or special moment to celebrate get everyone involved with a Facebook fundraiser and make your special moment count for young cancer fighters across the UK.