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Do you know a young person aged 13-24 who would benefit from our support? 

However long it's been since their cancer diagnosis, they can register with Teens Unite. There's no need to officially refer a young person to us, it's quick and easy for them to sign up themselves online.

If you are a social worker or medical professional looking for social and emotional support for a young person who has experienced cancer and wish to discuss this in more detail, you can contact a member of our Teens Team on 01992 440091 or by emailing 

What We Do

We provide non-medical support to those in their teens and early 20's to help them overcome the specific set of challenges cancer brings to this age group and the lasting impact it can have on their friendships, education, confidence and emotional wellbeing. 

We bring together 13-24 year olds who have a shared experience of cancer by organising regular activities and short breaks so they don't feel alone in their ongoing battles, and continue living their lives in the best way possible. 

We provide support at any stage, from diagnosis, during treatment, through to remission and beyond. 

How We Support

A range of activities take place every week, both face-to-face and digitally, so they can be accessed by anyone, from wherever they are. The activities are tailored to suit the needs, interests and abilities of those we support. There's no limit to how many a young person can attend, they just need to be registered with us first. 

By taking part, young people are able to:

• Make new friends with others in a similar situation
• Learn new skills
• Challenge themselves in a safe and supportive space
• Improve their confidence and wellbeing
• Do more of what they love and try new things too 

You can see our upcoming events here. 

In addition to these activities, we also host annual short breaks for those aged 18 and over. Each summer, we bring together 20 young people for an unforgettable stay away from home; ideal for those looking to regain their independence, and for those who are unable to travel the distance for our one-day events. 

The young people take part in a range of activities over their three-day stay and leave having made many positive memories as well as new friends. In the Spring, we then run a reunion break, where they can come back together and relive the experience once again. 

Working with Social Workers and Care/ Medical Professionals 

We work closely alongside social workers and hospital teams across the country. Our support complements these roles and enables social workers and care professionals to offer young people an avenue of support to overcome the social and emotional challenges cancer brings. 

We understand the effects of cancer are long-term, which is why our support is too. Where other services often have limitations on how long their support can be accessed for, we're here for young people whenever they need us and however long they need us for.  

We have recently entered an offical service collaboration with Young Lives vs Cancer; and by referring the support of each other, we can ensure more young people benefit from a combination of social care support and the, ongoing, peer to peer support of Teens Unite. 

If you would like to refer our support to the young people you work with and would like to receive leaflets to distribute, please email

We would be happy to speak with you in more detail about how we can work together with you and your team. 

Please take a look at the difference we make in the video below.