Meet Lilly, diagnosed with Small Cell Carcinoma, aged 13

Meet Lilly, diagnosed with Small Cell Carcinoma, aged 13

I'm Lilly and I was diagnosed with Small Cell Carcinoma on my right ovary, on the 14th of June. This had to be removed due to it crushing my organs and making me feel extremely unwell. Before I went to my GP, I was throwing up and feeling fatigued after everything I did, but I carried on and going to school. I then went to the GP after my family and teachers noticed something was wrong, and they found a lump on my abdomen. I was sent to my local hospital and my body salts were dangerously high so I was then rushed to John Radcliffe Hospital. 

After being blue lighted, I got sent to ICU, where the doctors told my mum, 'Prepare yourself for 48 hours' (just in case I passed). I was in ICU for 3 days, then put into critical care where I was getting better but still unwell. Finally, in the operation ward they got the tumour out and took a biopsy. 

2 weeks later, they called my mum up and told us to come in immediately since the tumour was cancerous and really rare. After all that, they told us I would need to have intense chemotherapy so I was very scared and frightened by the fact that I would soon be even more ill and lose my hair. 

I had 6 round of intense chemotherapy which wasn't as bad as what I thought it'd be. I wasn't ill at all really. I got some of the side effects but nothing I couldn't handle. It was still scary to see my body go through this and experience cancer at such a young age.

After the 6 rounds I had to have high dose chemotherapy. Me and my mum were assuming i'd be fine on that since the other chemotherapy didn't really effect me, but I was very wrong. On the 27th of December the chemotherapy hit as soon as it went in me, I became so ill almost instantly. It was such a struggle for me and my mum. I went into intensive care AGAIN but this time with a collapsed lung and low blood pressure with my temperature spiking. 

I finally came out of hospital after 4 weeks and was in recovery. A few days ago my consultant said to me and my mum that I am cancer free!! Everyone was happy for me but I took longer to really understand what was going on. Even though I'm cancer free, that doesn't mean my mind is cured from cancer. I'll still always be having them thoughts and that's okay, especially when you have gone through something for a long period of time, it can impact you mentally as well as physically. I will keep on smiling and living my life with joy because I was lucky enough to survive it.  

This has affected my education and my relationships with people. When others kept saying 'I'm going through this with you' all I kept thinking was 'it doesn't feel like that'.  I felt alone through this and when no one understands how you feel its hard for you to come out of your shell and tell them. I felt pushed away, even though everyone was trying to help and comfort me, that's when I found out about Teens Unite, and that and they supported other teens who are going through the same situation as me and felt exactly how I felt. I met people who understood what I am currently facing and it has helped having people there who get what you're going through. 

I still feel fatigued and get tired after doing simple tasks. How I handle this is reminding myself that I have gone through a lot and my body needs time to recover and that's okay! I take things slow. 

I hope you enjoyed my story, and whoever you are you will get through this! Just keep pushing and show everyone that you will beat it.

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