Meet Tiff, diagnosed with Ovarian Germ Cell Tumour, aged 17

Meet Tiff, diagnosed with Ovarian Germ Cell Tumour, aged 17

I was 17 years old when I was diagnosed with an Ovarian Germ Cell Tumour.  

I was playing for Chelsea and also at college studying sports when I was diagnosed. Being diagnosed took away the last few months I had before turning 18 and as I was at college, I had to try and keep up my work whilst also being on treatment.  

For me, the biggest struggle was after I finished my treatment and operations; being in hospital for so long made it hard to get back to normal life, which for me was college, and back to training.  

I’ve been in remission for nearly 11 years now.  

Teens Unite have been a part of my life for over 10 years. They helped me with my confidence in talking about my journey.  

I’ve made some amazing friends from Teens Unite events. They allow you to be in an environment where you feel like you can just have fun and don’t have to worry about that fact that you are or were ill, whether that’s at weekends away or on different Teens Days.

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