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Welcome Zoom Call - Under 18's (TEENS EVENT)

Digital Session

A Zoom call for us to say hello and give a warm welcome to the teenagers and young adults who are new to Teens Unite and aged under 18. Everyone has joined/ registered around the same time, so it's a great way to meet others in a similar situation to you and of a similar age who have also recently signed up with us.

During the call we will welcome everyone, go through how all of our events work and have a good chat to get to know one another. If anyone has any questions or suggestions about the events, this is the chance to let us know and discuss anything you would like to know more about Teens Unite.

The Zoom link is the same for all of our events and was sent in the welcome email and daily broadcast WhatsApp messages. If you need it sent again, just email teens@teensunite.org. 

If you are aged 18 or over - we have upcoming Welcome calls for you too, just click here

In this session you will be able to:
- Meet our Teens Team
- Meet other young people in a similar situation, who have recently joined Teens Unite
- Find out about upcoming events and start registering for them if you feel ready
- Understand how we can support you now and, in the future


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