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Welcome Zoom Call (TEENS EVENT)

Digital Session

We always like to give a warm welcome at Teens Unite and our 'New Teens Welcome' sessions mean we get to say "hello" digitally to young people who have recently registered with us. 

These calls take place once or twice a month and it's a chance for the team to get to know new young people who have signed up to Teens Unite, and for them to get to know each other too. 

This welcome call was held specifically for young girls in their 20s who had signed up with Teens Unite recently, or who had not yet attended an event with us! By running these tailored welcome calls, we are able to introduce young people to others who share similar experiences, and who have several things in common! 

We understand it can sometimes feel a bit daunting taking that initial step to join in your first Teens Unite activity, so our digital welcome sessions are a great place to start - you soon get to see how friendly everyone is. 

By attending this event, everyone was able to:  
- Meet others their age who get what you're going through
- Meet the Teens Unite team 
- Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness
- Find out more about our support and how to sign up to events


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