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Smartphone Photography - Editing (TEENS EVENT)

Digital Session

“I’ve learned something new and met new people."

This photography event was a great way to share and learn tips and tricks for taking photos on smart phones - something we can put into practise every day. 
The young people were introduced to Snapseed – a free photo editing app, and were set the brief of photographing something that makes them happy, to share with us. Topics of interest were nature, food, animals and of course friendship!

So after learning the tools the young people were ready to start taking photos ready to edit and share with one another the following week. 

Photography is a great way to be creative, express yourself and get out and about. This event will definitely return again soon. 

By being a part of this event, teens were able to:
•    Enjoy a new experience 
•    Interact and socialise with others who get what they're going through
•    Reduce their feelings of isolation and loneliness 
•    Feel a sense of achievement, improving self-confidence and self-esteem
•    Develop skills in photography
•    Express themselves


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