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Saharan Mini Adventure (CHALLENGE)

Sahara Desert

Don't let the word 'mini' deceive you. What this trek lacks in time, it more than makes up for in every other area. It's jam-packed with adventure, culture and achievement! We simply squeeze every last drop of challenge into a long weekend so that you can head back to your everyday routine with the biggest sense of "yes, I can!" you can muster. 

A challenging trek against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Sahara Desert, this short but adventurous trip offers a bite-sized desert experience.

From flat desert floor scattered with ancient fossils, to perfect wind-blown sand-dunes, this trek is diverse and demanding. The vast, unforgiving desert is a truly beautiful place to discover, while the incredible star-strewn night skies are unforgettable, especially with a new moon.

Accompanied by Berber guides and a small caravan of camels, our remote night-camps with camp-fires and Berber singing are often a real highlight of the trip!


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