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Digital Session

“As parents of a child with cancer, you feel isolated - often our friends didn't know what to say. Through Teens Unite we met other parents in the same situation as us, who understood what we were going through.”

Parents and carers have been telling us that they haven't had the opportunity to talk with other parents, especially when COVID meant that hospital visits have been so restricted and our face-to-face events were put on hold. So until our parent meals and meet ups continue, we have introduced a monthly digital support group, to bring them together with others who understand. We know that cancer doesn't just effect the person diagnosed with cancer, but those closest to them, so we want to be able to support them too. 

Parents and carers come together and enjoy a catch up together with others who genuinely understand. It is a really informal zoom call and is hosted by our Co-founder, Debbie. We have seen and spoken with different families since starting this digital support group giving everyone the opportunity to share their experiences, or just listen, allowing everyone to feel less alone. 

Our monthly support groups help parents and carers to:
•    Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness 
•    Think positively about life with and beyond their child’s illness
•    Create a support network with others in a similar situation


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