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Hertfordshire Young Mariners Base

“Getting involved & was great to share my experience with young teens.”

We had a jam packed day at the Hertfordshire Young Mariners Base at our second face-to-face event of the year. 7 of the young people we support completed the rock climbing course to start and abseiling back down from the very top where there are the best views of the nature grounds. Next up was a friendly archery competition! Everyone had their long bow at the ready firing three arrows in turn to hit the target there were lots of bulls eyes and some went even further than the targets!

After an eventful morning, we sat and had a picnic all together by the beautiful tranquil boating lake. Lots of chatter about the activities achieved and what more was to come from the day!

Once refuelled, it was time to jump on board the bell boat! Putting our rowing skills to the test and playing some games to see who could walk down the boat and catch their oar the quickest while travelling along the peaceful lake. 

A great day was had by all, experiencing new adventures and conquering fears with new and existing Teens Unite friends. We can’t wait to see everyone at our next event!

Being a part of this event we aim to:
•    Support the accomplishment of physical and mental challenges    
•    Encourage interaction and socialising
•    Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness 
•    Provide a sense of achievement, improving self-confidence and self-esteem
•    Provide new and exciting experiences 

“Being able to meet new people of different ages and have fun with others in an outdoor setting.”


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