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Looking Forward After Cancer (TEENS EVENT)

Digital Session

"Daisy joined this event and absolutely loved it. It helped her so much being around other people who went through something similar. It was such a positive talk which gave Daisy some light and hope."

Dr Anisha led an inspiring and insightful session over Zoom where she spoke to us about her own experiences after cancer and shared some really helpful coping strategies when faced with anxiety or stress. These included the Compassion Model where she reminded everyone to make sure they have a ‘soothing system’ in place – to take time for yourself when managing anxiety and stress.

Dr Anisha provided great insight on moving forward after cancer including advice on returning to employment and work. She led a powerful conversation of positive thinking, getting everyone to consider the positives that cancer may have brought them. For Dr Anisha, these were a greater appreciation for life, gaining friends and a new perspective on life. We also tackled some of the harder questions of how to deal with life after cancer and the negative effects that a diagnosis can and has had on some of the young people’s mental wellbeing. 

Thank you so much to Dr Anisha for leading this amazing session and to everyone who joined the call and shared their stories!


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