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Lock in... or Bail out! (EVENT)

The Jailbreak Cafe, Hoddesdon

In the depths of Teens Unite's offices within a former police station, lies 16 original cells...do you have what it takes to stay in one overnight?

Introducing our most extraordinary fundraising event to date...Lock In or Bail Out. 

In this unique and restricted event, you will go behind bars with fellow inmates for a crime you haven't committed, all in the name of charity to help us support young people fighting cancer.

This is an authentic, light-hearted experience, with a planned itinerary, including:

- Check in at the custody desk
- Mugshots and finger printing
- Changing into your convict suit
- Phone call home
- Police questioning 
- Outside recreation
- Meal times
- Inmate activities 

What will be your crime? And will you do the time?

One week prior to the event, you will have a decision to make - will you lock in or bail out? 

The minimum sponsorship to take part is £250 - should you wish to avoid your sentence, you will need to match the sponsorship amount you have raised. 

Please register your interest and we will be in touch to confirm your place. 


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