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'Let's Talk Cancer' : Parents Edition (TEENS EVENT)

Samsung KX, Kings Cross, London

Has your child recieved a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime? Are they aged 13 to 24?

Here at Teens Unite, we understand that a cancer diagnosis impacts the entire family. That is why we are hosting ‘Lets Talk Cancer: Parents Edition’ where you can come together with other parents in a similar situation to ask the ‘taboo’ questions that you have never had the opportunity to ask.

What is it?

A panel style event made up of medical professionals, Teens Unite staff and parents in a similar situation.

Join our first ever 'Let's Talk Cancer : Parents Edition' where you will have the chance to listen, share and relate. A place where the cancer conversation is really understood.

By attending this event you will be able to:

  • Connect with others in a similar situation
  • Feel understood and heard
  • Learn more about Teens Unite and meet our team
  • Be informd and reassured of the support available for your child
  • Ask 'taboo' questions to medical proffessionals, social workers and social support experts



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