Fire and Ice Walk

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Fire and Ice Walk (CHALLENGE)

Morgans School, Hertford, SG13 8DR

On Sunday 14th October, a team of daredevils faced their fears and walked 15ft across smouldering hot coals or razor sharp, sterilised broken glass. It may sound tough, but thanks to specialist training and supervision from UK Firewalk, it was perfectly safe. 

During training, participants were motivated and built up the confidence to complete the challenge. When the time came to step forward and walk, everyone was understandably nervous. However with the guidance of experts from UK Firewalk, each and every one of the participants managed to do the unthinkable and complete the challenge in support of Teens Unite. 

Teens Unite Volunteer Grace faced her fears and took on both the Fire and Ice walk. Talking about the Ice Walk, she said "It's like walking on a really stoney beach, so it's uncomfortable but bearable!"

Taking part in the Fire Walk was a different experience for many of the participants, with some really feeling the heat and others not feeling a thing! It really was a case of mind over matter.


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