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Discover You (TEENS EVENT)

Etc. Venues, Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 4PB

"You cannot change the cards you are dealt. But you can choose how you play them."

This was very much the motivational message that ran through the amazing event we hosted – Discover You!

Fifty teens, their companions and families came together for a day of self discovery. The event aims to help the young peopled understand what they can achieve in all aspects of their lives. 

Our hosts for the day were the amazing Leanne and Beth, both Teens supported by the Charity, who have made a firm friendship and now work together on the C-Pod, an inspiring podcast series which helps others on their journey through cancer.

The event was held at the most beautiful of London’s meeting spaces, Etc Venues, where their staff pay attention to every little detail.  They ensured that our guests had delicious, healthy food throughout the day, there were hot drinks, cold drinks and snacks always available and their staff happily engaged with the Teens and their families, hosting a cup cake decorating stall where we could take time out of the taster sessions and have a chat to others.

The hosts introduced us to a series of incredible speakers who all had a very special story to tell, and everyone left the room feeling totally inspired and motivated to do something very positive for themselves.

Chris Lambert-Gorwyn is a health professional and a motivational speaker, inspiring audiences across the world – he had the room on their feet, and committing to forget the snooze button, and get up with positivity for the day ahead.   We heard from young mixed martial artist, Dylan Evans, himself a Teen, who has only recently ended his treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma.  His story of continuing to train throughout his gruelling treatment had the crowd enthralled.

After the morning speakers, the young people joined a series of taster sessions where they learned about preparing themselves for a return to work, activity versus exercise, they were treated to pampering treatments, and a relaxing yoga session, as well as being able to join Beth and Leanne for a live pod-cast, before enjoying a delicious buffet style lunch where the choices were quite overwhelming.

After lunch, we were joined by the team from JunkTank who shook off that post lunch lull with a musical energiser.  For this we welcomed the Trustees from the Harry-Krish  Mootoosamy Foundation whose generosity funded the activity.  There was no sleeping after this incredible session.

The final speaker of the day was Liz Johnson, Paralympic Medallist. She shared the story of her journey to Olympic Glory, and the setbacks she suffered along the way. There was a lot of excitement and interest as she showed the medals she proudly brought home.

An incredible day was had by all.  We loved the positive energy and the buzz that was felt throughout.

We have to offer HUGE thanks to everyone who made this possible.  The staff at Etc Venues, our incredible hosts Leanne and Beth, our guest speakers, Chris, Dylan and Liz. Our taster sessions hosts, Liz and Adil of The Ability People, Mark Wild, and Patricia Troutman. The Harry-Krish Mootoosamy Foundation for the funding for the musical energiser and of course JunkTank for delivering this.  Our amazing volunteer Joe Grady who managed a project to secure the little wellbeing gifts that we were able to give every Teen.  Our equally amazing volunteers on the day Rosemary, Emma, Marjorie, Grace, Joe and Jim, the very talented photographer who captured the feel of the day so beautifully, and of course the Teens who made the journey in to London and completely threw themselves in to the day.   

Here's a few pieces of feedback from the day

"Thank you and your team, all three of us had a remarkable and emotional afternoon. Willow did not stop asking questions last night about cancer and about your amazing speaker Liz. The work that you guys do and the kids that were taking part in the day have left a lasting impression on all of us. Thank you again for including us whole heartedly into your family yesterday." - Patrick, Trustee, Harry-Krish Mootoosamy Foundation

"Confronting my fears today sharing my story publicly. Such a great experience and a true honour to have been asked to speak at the event" - Dylan Evans, speaker

"Great day with the team and young people from Teens Unite. Delighted to be involved and have ‘teamTAP’ share their experiences." - The Ability People

"Such an incredible day hosting Discover You. I certainly left feeling inspired and proud. Thank you so much Teens Unite for having us! Lots of Love" - Leanne C, Teen & Host

"My first experience as a volunteer and hopefully not my last…a day of true inspirational people every single one of you. It was an honour to be part of something so amazing." Emma, Volunteer

"Had a very inspirational day at Discover You with Teens Unite" - Denisa , Parent

"A great day watching my boy do his first motivational speech and giving back to young teens with cancer .. . Immensely proud of you...If you’re going to do something good today, make it following Teens Unite, by liking their page and help bring awareness to this amazing self funded charity." - Phil, friend of Dylan Evans

"Brilliant event, thank you" Anne, Parent

"Today is a very special day to me, Its been 2 years since my first operation to remove four tumours! (and just over 7 months since my second op after tumours returned). I've grown so much since this day, with the help of Teens Unite discover you event yesterday, which really did inspire and motivate me to turn this horrific experience into a positive.

So much has changed over the past few years for me, my confidence and self esteem have shrunk dramatically, I have become more anxious about situations I was fine with before and I have not been able to participate properly in different physical activities that I once loved. I’m trying to see the positive side of everything, including my health, hoping it will help my brain to process what has actually happened to me and see how I can make it into something good." - Rebecca, Teen

"Thank you for an amazing day!"- Hope, Teen

"Thank you all so much for an amazing inspiring and uplifting day. It was nice to see Jerome listening to all the speakers and he liked the interactive exercise we had to do with Chris. Thoroughly enjoyed all the pastries and food throughout the day! Once again a massive thank you to all, for your Love and hard work. Listening to all the speakers it  makes you realise that we can achieve  anything once we put our mind to it ‘Yes We Can’." -Juliet , Parent

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for Sundays event  Alfie really enjoyed it , he found the first speaker so inspiring and will def attend a seminar, the whole day was just so good as were all the people that shared their stories" -Sharon, Parent

"It was honestly my pleasure..really enjoyed myself and it was good to meet some more teens. The video you sent me blew my mind! To be able to have a positive effect on just 1 person means the world to me. Look forward to seeing the pictures and watching the video. Thanks again for having me be a part of the event. " - Dylan Evans, speaker

"It was a privilege to attend and offer my services. The event was so well organised, you should be proud of all the work unknown you would have had to do. I left feeling proud of being apart of it, as usual inspired by the people I met.... The level of attendance is testament to you and the amazing work you all do; helping to inspire these young people to progress in life is an amazing thing to do." - Mark Wild, fitness break out session

We look forward to seeing everyone when we do this again - Discover You 2021!


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