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Digital Escape Room (TEENS EVENT)

Digital Session

This online Murder Mystery Themed Escape Room Experience via Zoom brought Teens Unite detectives together for some fun. In CSI: Grounded we worked together as a team to solve the mile-high murder mystery of who killed Avery Sone on Flight 9201. At 30,000 ft in the air, everyone on board the flight is a suspect – but who was the killer?! As a group we collected evidence, solved clues to unravel the mystery needed to solve the crime and find the killer before the case crashed and burnt! Congratulations to the detectives who joined us for this CSI experience and solved the case!


By taking part, everyone was able to:

- Interact and socialise with others who know what they're going through
- Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness 
- Work together as a team
- Benefit from our support from wherever they were
- Challenge themselves mentally


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