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Barista Workshop (TEENS EVENT)

London School of Coffee, London, SW6 2AG

“Had fun, learnt new skills and met great people!” 

We went to the London School of Coffee to learn about everything coffee! The session began with us learning about the coffee industry and the various job roles available within the industry – this gave the young people a great insight into an industry they wouldn't have otherwise known about and the potential careers available to them. 

After this, we got down to business – Firstly, we learnt how to pour the perfect espresso, the number one rule here, don’t burn the coffee! Make sure the water is ran through straight away to avoid that burnt, bitter taste. The best part of the day was learning how to pour latte art! We were taught how to froth and pour the milk into the shape of a heart. It was great to see how everyone made such big improvements over the course of the workshop. 

Thanks to the London School of Coffee for hosting such a great event! 

By being a part of this event, everyone was able to: 
- Learn some new skills 
- Interact and socialise 
- Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness  
- Feel a sense of achievement, improving self-confidence and self-esteem 
- Enjoy a new and exciting experience 


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