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Hey, my name's Rian, I'm 22 years old and when I was 14 I was diagnosed with AML. I unfortunately relapsed at 15 with this and had an unrelated stem cell transplant at 16. I am glad to say I have been moving forward ever since. 

When I was given the opportunity to get involved with the Commiteens it was a simple answer - YES. Ever since my diagnosis I have gone through the spiral of; hating my past, fearing my past, hiding my past, until more recently opening up about my past. 

I love the idea of being able to help people who are in a situation I know all too well, and what better way to do it than surrounded by the energy and enthusiasm of everyone at Teens Unite. 

If I was to give a current patient one bit of advice it would be: Every day is a step closer to you grabbing life by the scruff of the neck and achieving come incredible things, all with the resilience that your cancer 'journey' - for want of a better word - has taught you. 

A fun fact about me would be; I've been to an after party with Coldplay... you'll have to message me or catch me when you see me to ask the story!

You can read all about Rian's story here

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