Teen Ambassador - Event Representative

I'm Ciara and I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia aged 16.

My favourite Teens Unite memory is from the Activity Stay, when we were all cheering each other on whilst rock climbing. Everyone was encouraging each other to try and get further and it worked! You would never have believed we’d all only met two days before.

If I could tell another young person one thing, I would say that at times it can feel really lonely, but try to remember that there are other teens out there who are feeling the same and you are not alone.

As an Event Representative I help to review the Teens Unite calendar to ensure we are offering a range of events that are suitable, age appropriate and engaging for young people during any stage of their cancer journey. I support the Teens team in organising and reviewing events, which sometimes includes fundraising events too. 

A fun fact about me - I have double jointed fingers!

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