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This April, we are proud to join forces with 16 other charities from across the UK to mark the first Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Awareness Month.

Why is it happening?

There are 100,000 teenagers and young adults currently living with cancer and the lasting effects of their diagnosis and treatment in the UK. A further 2,500 new cases will be diagnosed this year alone.

Throughout April, the partnering charities will be raising awareness of the impact cancer has on the lives of young people, sharing stories and experiences, showing how their support makes a difference, and highlighting the change that needs to happen.

We will be at the forefront of raising awareness for the specific set of challenges this age group face following a diagnosis, which are often overlooked compared to children or adults with cancer. At a time when they should be experiencing their first taste of freedom, reaching key milestones, and making decisions which shape their adulthood, hearing the words ‘you have cancer’ turns their whole world upside down. 

Not only are they forced into a fight for survival, but it’s the start of a wider, ongoing battle, that can have a detrimental impact on the rest of their life. Cancer in young people can lead to lower educational achievement, employment barriers, relationship difficulties, body image issues, ongoing physical effects, and poor mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

Following a cancer diagnosis, 75% of young people will experience at least one mental health problem in their lifetime. Of these, 44% will not have access to NHS mental health support. Furthermore, 90% will experience anxiety and 70% will experience depression.

How are we marking the occasion?

We couldn’t think of a better way to mark TYA Cancer Awareness Month than by bringing young people together to support each other and take the next steps to start living their life to the full, so we will be running two of our flagship beneficiary events, alongside the activities we usually run each month, to improve the lives of the young people and restores what cancer has taken away. 

The first will be our annual residential stay, where they take part in a packed itinerary of activities each day, helping them to regain their independence, rebuild their confidence, find new friendships, and feel supported in the ongoing challenges they are facing.

The second is ‘Discover You’, an all-day motivational, conference-style event, which inspires young people to start living life to the full, without cancer holding them back. Throughout the day, motivational speakers will take to the stage to share their own personal experiences of overcoming the challenges cancer brings, and the young people will benefit from various breakout sessions from skincare to yoga, body image to fitness and nutrition.

How you can show your support

Events such as these are only possible with donations. This Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Awareness Month, we are asking you to kindly help give these young people the brighter future they deserve.

Text TEENS to 70580 to donate £3. 

Search #TYACAM to follow Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Awareness Month and find out how the charities are raising awareness.

Upcoming Events

Detailed below are our events for Teens, Volunteers, Fundraising and Challenges.

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