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Rules of Play

By entering The Teens Unite Lottery, players agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein.

1.For a cost of £5 per month, you will have one lottery number. Additional numbers are available to purchase should you wish to increase your chances of winning

2.Available numbers are displayed on our website (www.teensunite.org/lottery) and you are able to choose from those listed. You will receive written confirmation of your number(s) once purchased

3.A fair and open computer generated draw will take place on the last Thursday of every month. You can view the draw results and the amounts awarded by visiting www.teensuniter.org/lottery and by following our Facebook page ‘Teens Unite Fighting Cancer’. By accepting a prize, players agree to this information being published and to taking part in publicity for Teens Unite. In addition, Teens Unite may ask to use winners’ stories and/or photographs for publication on the website, social media or to promote the lottery

4.50% of the income from lottery memberships is distributed as prize money each month. The remaining 50% is a donation to Teens Unite

5.If 70 or less than 70 numbers have been sold, then the total amount for that month will be divided by two and the result (which will be 50%) will be split into 1st and 2nd places in a ratio of 60:40. If more than 70 numbers in the pot have been sold, then the total amount for that month will be divided by three and the result (which will be 50%) will be split into 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in a ratio of 60:25:15

6.Three prizes will be awarded each month and these will be apportioned as: 1st prize 25%, 2nd prize 15% and third prize 10%. The prize fund will increase with the more numbers sold

7.The Teens Unite Lottery is a registered Small Society Lottery licensed with Broxbourne Borough Council, number 145

8.The Teens Unite Lottery is open to all participants aged 16 or over. It is an offence to buy or purport to buy a lottery entry on behalf of anyone under the age of 16. If a ticket is sold unknowingly to or for a person under the age of 16, they will be excluded from The Teens Unite Lottery and will forfeit their prize. The membership money will be returned to the person that paid for the number 

9.Payment must be received monthly via standing order or in full for the annual amount a minimum of 48 hours prior to the draw date

10.Members numbers will only be entered into the draw if payment is up to date

11.A member will be deemed to have left the Teens Unite Lottery if their number remains unpaid for a period of two months and the number will be reallocated after this time

12.Members are committed to their number for a minimum of one year. At least one month’s notice is required for cancellation

13.The prize money will be paid into the members bank account via BACS transfer within one month of the draw

14.The Teens Unite Lottery is run by Teens Unite. In case of any dispute, the decision of our Trustees is final

 15.If a winner cannot be contacted, their prize money will be donated to Teens Unite after six months

16.Teens Unite’s qualified persons responsible for The Teens Unite Lottery are Lesley Morris and Jodie Pezzani

17.The Teens Unite Lottery is promoted by Teens Unite (Registered Charity Number: 1118361)

18.The Teens Unite Lottery is open to all mainland Great Britain residents over the age of 16 (this excludes Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and British Forces Post Office addresses according to the Gambling Act 2005, which authorises the conduct of small society lotteries by societites established for permitted purposes). If you are not a resident of Great Britain, you will not be able to enter

19.Player’s lottery money  (which has the same definition as ‘customer funds’, as defined in clause 4 of the Gambling Commission’s Licencing Conditions and Codes of Practice) will be held in a separate bank account so that, in the unlikely event of the insolvency of Teens Unite, such funds will be protected

20.All lottery sales are final and no refunds will be made at any time, save as stipulated in clause 7. All players acknowledge that their payment of £5 per month does not guarantee that they will win any prize

21.Any complaints relating to The Teens Unite Lottery should be sent in writing to Teens Unite, 99 High Road, Broxbourne, EN10 7BN, or via email to info@teensunite.org, giving full details of the complaint and any supporting documentation

22.Teens Unite reserves the right to disqualify any player if it has reasonable grounds to believe the player has breached any of these terms and conditions

23.Nothing within these terms and conditions will create or should be construed as creating any form of contract between any lottery player and Teens Unite

24.Teens Unite will not be liable to any player in relation to participation in The Teens Unite Lottery, including any loss or damage suffered or arising from any event beyond the reasonable control of Teens Unite

25.The terms and conditions can be viewed by visiting www.teensunite.org/lottery and Teens Unite reserves the right to amend these at any time 

26.The laws of England and Wales will govern the interpretation and/or enforcement of these terms and conditions Teens Unite and all players hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts

27.For more information about Teens Unite, The Teens Unite Lottery and other ways to donate, please visit www.teensunite.org or call 01992 440091

28.Teens Unite encourages responsible gambling. If you or a family member feel that you are experiencing problems with gambling, you can seek advice and support from the National Gambling Helpline 0808 8020 133 or via the Gambleaware website www.gambleaware.org

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