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Dr Anisha - Doctors Get Cancer Too

Dr Anisha - Doctors Get Cancer Too

GP and Stage 3B rectal cancer survivor, Dr Anisha (Doctor's Get Cancer Too) is an advocate of our work, understanding the needs of young people fighting cancer following her own experiences. 

Dr Anisha hosted a session for some of the young people we support during our Discover You motivational day, where she spoke about returning to work and education following a cancer diagnosis. 

She has also supported our plans to build The House of Teens Unite, the first retreat in England for young people fighting cancer, saying: "I have personally experienced spending time at a "cancer retreat" and made new friends with invaluable sessions and support throughout the weekend, which aided my recovery. 
It is so important for young people to also have access to this type of support, where they can meet and spend time with those with similar stories and struggles and know that they are not alone."


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