Meet Sarah, diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, aged 11

Meet Sarah, diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, aged 11

My name is Sarah and I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at the age of 11. I missed my last year of primary school and the majority of my first year of secondary school, which meant I missed out on a lot of important friendships, as well as my education. 

While everyone was making friends, I was unable to go to lessons incase I caught an infection or needed additional help. I was really lonely and felt like nobody really understood what I was going through. 

The biggest struggle I had to overcome was learning to walk again. I completely forgot how to walk and had to retrain myself.

Before my diagnosis, I was close to swimming and playing hockey for my country, but after my operation, I couldn't walk and was in a wheelchair for over a year and had to use crutches. Still to this day I struggle to run and some days I struggle to walk. 

I have been in remission for 12 years now and I'm so proud of where I am. 

Teens Unite have helped me so much in becoming the person I am today. I have made so many friends with the young people I've met and the staff, who I would now class as my family. They always offer support when I need it and they sense when I'm not doing great and reach out. 

When I am at my lowest, Teens Unite always manage to make things better. I'm so thankful for everything they do and I'm so glad to be a part of the Committeens; helping to provide the best possible support for other young people like me. 


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