Great Aunt Rose

21 September 2020

Great Aunt Rose

Great Aunt Rose was born in the same year as Margaret Thatcher, Richard Burton and Gerald Durrell.  She wasn’t the first female Prime Minister, she wasn’t nominated for an Oscar and she wasn’t an award winning author.  But to her family, she was so much more than all of this.  Rose was at the heart of a loving family, always there for them and always supportive of everything they did.

For Teens Unite’s Community Fundraiser, Steve, Great Aunt Rose was one of his biggest fans. She was a huge supporter, whatever fundraising challenge Steve was taking part in, or fundraising event he was organising, she was the first behind him, letting him and the rest of the family know how proud she was, encouraging him and the family’s support.

When Great Aunt Rose sadly passed away earlier this month, the Family chose to continue to raise money in her memory.  They chose Teens Unite as Rose had always been so supportive of her Great Nephew and his many fundraising exploits of the Charity’s behalf.  

At a time of great sadness for the family, they chose to create a legacy for Rose, with the money they raise in her memory helping to support young people fighting cancer to live their best life.  If you would like to support Rose’s legacy and donate in her memory, you can do so on the family’s Justgiving page

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