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1 Aug 2023

Quizzes, Virtual Games & Online Arts and Crafts - a thank you to funders

Through the covid-19 restrictions, the young people we support told us that isolation was their norm way before it became ours, and our digital activities were a lifeline for them as they were able to connect with other young people safely and wherever they were on their cancer journey or wherever they were geographically.

Delivering digitally is now firmly embedded in our five-year strategy, and while we are now able to meet in-person regularly, the digital deliveries remain a lifeline for those young people too unwell to attend or too far away to make a return journey comfortably in one day.

In the last quarter, we have delivered quizzes, virtual games and online arts and craft activities. All designed to support the young people in their recovery – supporting them with the physical challenges they face, the impacts of their diagnosis and treatment on their mental health and emotional wellbeing and connecting them with other young people who genuinely get what they’re going through.

We have met up online for cupcake decorating, oil pastel sessions, to do some upcycling of denim to make keyrings and some cartoon drawing sessions.  The benefits of these sessions are a real opportunity to express yourself, relieving stress, anger, and sadness.  

The creative process is recognised to help the young people cope with symptoms, and the traumatic experience they have been through – it enhances their cognitive abilities, improves motor skills, enhances brain function, reduces, anxiety and tension.  The activities allow them to focus on one thing for a while – not their illness or treatment.  They have a real sense of achievement, improving their confidence and self-esteem.

The young people have also taken part in digital games and a virtual escape room - where the challenge is good for their health.  Not only do they improve their memory and their problem-solving skills, but they also improve their communication and time management skills as they work together for their freedom!  Again, these kinds of games are great stress relievers for the young people and a great way for them to be social.

To all our funders whose support this quarter has enabled these digital deliveries, we thank you for helping us to ensure that young people overcoming the challenges of cancer, no matter where they are, can meet other young people and be part of a very special community united in a common experience.

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