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11 Oct 2023

Mental health matters.

Teens Unite marked World Mental Health Day on 10th October with the launch of a new campaign - 'The impacts of cancer are not always visible'. 

Medically overcoming cancer is just part of the struggle they face; the mental health implications last long after treatment has come to an end. Following cancer treatment, 75% of young people will experience a serious mental health problem, with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD and loneliness known to be common after effects. 

Teens Unite is a community where everyone shares similar experiences, emotions, thoughts and feelings. It's a safe space where the young people can speak openly if they wish to, but sometimes just knowing you're not alone is enough. 

Our support makes a difference to the mental wellbeing of the young people we support. After attending our activities, 100% of young people felt better connected and less alone, 88% felt less anxious, and 83% had a more positive outlook on life. 

Our new campaign will ensure more young people find the support from Teens Unite they need, and that as a society, we acknolwedge the ongoing challenges these young people face, even once treatment has come to an end. We'll be giving young people a voice, and over the coming weeks, they will show the reality of living with and beyond their diagnosis, by sharing the invisible effects of cancer, which consume their lives every day. 

You can show your support in the following ways:

Raising awareness
If you're a social media user, please follow our accounts if you don't already, and share our content for the campaign 

Joining our lottery 
For just £5 per month, you could be in with winning a monthly cash prize! You can choose your lucky number here. 

Thank you. 

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