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5 Jun 2018

Meet Volunteer David

It's National Volunteers' Week and we want to introduce you to David, who comes into the Teens Unite office to give us support on a weekly basis. All of us at Teens Unite are truly inspired by David's story, and he is such a valued member of the Teens Unite family. 

"On the 13th of May 2013, five years ago, my life changed forever. Following an accident I was left in a coma with life changing injuries, multiple fractures and a severe traumatic brain injury. I lost half of my lung and spent a year in hospital. My family were told that it would be unlikely that I would live, then, that I wouldn't be able to go home and I wouldn't walk or talk again. A lot of prayers were said.

Well, five years on, here I am, home, walking and talking and with a huge desire to help others that find themselves in times of trouble. My accident had a huge impact on my life and my family but a lot of it was positive.

I cannot work at the moment or drive, which is limiting in that it affects my ability to provide for my family and feel a sense of self-worth. Becoming a volunteer has changed a lot of those feelings for me. It is fantastic being a volunteer, being given a chance, it's the next best thing to working. 

I was walking past Teens Unite one day and they were advertising for volunteers. I went straight in. I desperately wanted to help and I thought "I can do that". I've never looked back. The people in the office gave me their time, they listened and they took me seriously. This alone meant so much to me. I knew I could help if someone gave me the chance. People see me and my difficulties with speech and they bypass me. The people at Teens Unite never treated me in that way. They took a chance and went the extra mile. I want to do that for others. They are a great team doing a wonderful job and I now feel useful and part of the team. By giving me a chance and signing me up as a volunteer they have helped to give new purpose to my life. They have helped me to show the world "I can".

The chance to be part of the team has been really exciting and invigorating. It inspires me to push myself and I am filled with pride when I can see the fruits of my labour. I can't thank Teens Unite enough for the opportunity. I will work very hard to help teenagers and try to make a positive difference to their lives. That's what it's all about and in turn I am practising skills I need to rehabilitate and one-day join the working world.

It is an honour and a privilege to be a volunteer at Teens Unite. It gives me so much satisfaction to be able to do something useful and of value. Teens Unite is sadly a very necessary service and I am proud to be a part of this amazing charity. Thank you." 

If you would like to join David in volunteering with Teens Unite, please contact us today by emailing or calling 01992 440091.

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