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4 May 2022

Could You Become a Teens Unite Inmate?

Following our office move to the Old Police Station in Hoddesdon, we are excited to launch our most extraordinary fundraising event to date! Could you stay overnight in one of the 16 original cells to help us support more young people fighting cancer? 

Our Lock In or Bail Out fundraising event takes place on 18th June, and is an authentic, light-hearted experience for you to conquer on your own, with a friend, or as a team building opportunity. 

You will be putting in some good behaviour, following a crime you haven't actually committed, all in the name of charity! After checking in at the custody desk, pulling on your convict suit and having your mugshot taken, an itinerary awaits you of police questioning, outside recreation in the yard, a phonecall home and inmate activities...we can't wait! 

All luxuries must be left behind, and contraband is taken very seriously indeed! 

What will be your crime? And will you do the time?

You can sign yourself up or nominate someone else to take part. One week prior to the event, you will have an important decision to make - will you lock in or bail out? 

The minimum sponsorship to take part is £500 - should you wish to avoid your sentence, you will need to match the sponsorship amount you have raised in order to bail out. 

This is a fundraising challenge with a difference. Following cancer treatment in young people, 80% will experience anxiety and depression and 83% will experience loneliness, where their lives feel trapped and restricted by cancer. 

In your one night of solitude behind bars, the money you raise will help fund the activities we organise, which bring these young people together so they are not facing cancer and the lasting effects alone. 

Come can do it! Regsiter your interest here.  

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