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22 Nov 2021

Self-care - a thank you to funders

As we start to emerge from Covid-19 and the associated restrictions, we’re still offering most of our activities as digital opportunities.

In the last few months, the young people have been invited to join us for our Online Self Care Talk Lounge, an informal session hosted by our own team. 

Ahead of the session, we send the young people some safe, kind skincare products, then when they log on to the sessions, they’re taught a simple skin care routine which is easy for them to adapt into their lives.  Treatments such as chemotherapy can cause dry skin and skin irritation, being aware of and being able to minimise the psychological stresses often caused by skin issues is essential for the young people’s mental wellbeing.

Relaxed after their skin care session, it’s time to chat and chill, and the young people offer support to each other on a whole range of physical, mental, and emotional issues.  Hearing the young people telling each other the importance of self-care, encouraging each other to create and maintain healthy relationships with themselves, and offering suggestions for simple things they can do to look after themselves, from regular sleep and a healthy diet through to having a warm bath and reading a book or listening to music, was just heart-warming, and shows how very special this little Community you have helped us to create is.

From everyone at Teens Unite, and the young people we are supporting to live their best life, while others search for a cure, a thank you to our funders.

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