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28 Mar 2022

Relaxing Hand Massage - a thank you to funders

Treatment for cancer, including chemotherapy and targeted therapies, can cause a patient’s skin to become sensitive, flaky, dry, sore, and itchy.  The skin can become red and peel.

 Our relaxing hand massage therapy session for young people fighting cancer is designed to introduce beneficiaries to massage as a form of self-care, to teach them techniques that they can recreate whenever they need.

Some studies show that massage can relax your mind and body, relieve tension, and enhance mood.  Massage can also improve sleep and enhance emotional well-being.

Further studies show that it can be used to counter some of the side effects of treatment, reduce nausea, and pain and improve circulation.

Overall, massage can provide a sense of calm.

Ahead of our online relaxing hand therapy session, the young people were sent a gift box containing some specially formulated hand cream, designed for cancer patients with their specific skincare needs in mind, a manicure kit, and some colourful nail varnish.

When the young people logged on to the session, they were guided step by step through the massage techniques, talking through the picture diagrams they were sent.  Throughout the session the young people had time to chat and chill.

In these self-care type sessions, the young people offer support to each other on a whole range of physical, mental, and emotional issues.  We hear them telling each other the importance of self-care, encouraging each other to create and maintain healthy relationships with themselves, and offering suggestions for simple things they can do to look after themselves, from regular sleep and a healthy diet through to having a warm bath and reading a book or listening to music. It is always heart-warming and shows how very special this little Community you have helped us to create is.

Not only do the young people now have a set of skills to help them relax, but they also have a group of peers who can offer support and understanding whenever they need.

To our funders, a big thank you from the team and the young people we support.

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