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26 Aug 2022

The Benefits of a Benefits Class - a thank you to funders

In our Beauty Workshops, young people fighting cancer and the long-term impacts it has on their mental health and emotional wellbeing can try skincare and beauty products, they learn grooming, hair care and make-up application techniques with the help of experts. The sessions help the young people to

Tune in to their body

Understand their new body, deal with scarring, hair loss and changes in body shape

Rebuild their confidence

Chemo can change both the colour and the texture of the skin – it can become red and dry.  And both during and after treatment, all hair-bearing areas, including eyebrow and eyelashes will shed over time.

In an Instagram era where #browgoals are an absolute obsession, young girls dealing with hair loss from treatment can feel more vulnerable than ever.  Eyebrows create the frame and balance to the face and make a huge difference to your look, boosting self-confidence.

With this in mind, we headed off for an incredible pamper day at Benefit HQ with eleven of the young girls that we support. 

The event was arranged in partnership with our friends at Look Good Feel Better, who started the day with a masterclass, teaching the young girls so many amazing cleansing and makeup tips and tricks.

This was followed by a colour matching workshop where we carried out some foundation matching to help deal with the young people’s post chemo skin changes, we then learned some new techniques to sculpting the face with blush.

We had an amazing lunch followed by a tour of the Benefit Office. The girls were given lots of goodies, took full advantage of all the Instagram able spots and heard some quirky stories about how Benefit began.

This amazing day ended with a brow masterclass from one of the top makeup artists at Benefit.   Eyebrows play a big role in your overall appearance and can make a big difference in how confident you feel, so learning tips for quick, easy, confidence boosting brow creation that the young ladies can do at home was a great way to end the session.

Throughout the session, everyone enjoyed pampering themselves with the amazing goodies that they received, got to know one another, and had the opportunity to ask the professionals any makeup or skincare related questions that they had.

By being a part of this event, everyone was able to:
-    Interact and socialise
-    Learn a new skill
-    Improve self-confidence and self-esteem
-    Enjoy an opportunity to relax and unwind
-    Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness

To our very generous funders a HUGE thank you. With your continued support we will be able to bring together more teenagers and young adults to overcome the challenges cancer brings.

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