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10 Jul 2018

Cancer journey inspires young artist

Teenager Elise has only recently started coming to Teens Unite events, and we're really delighted to welcome her.  

Elise used her journey and experiences of cancer as the inspiration for her final GCSE art piece, creating a stunning piece showing that the scars she has as part of her experience are nothing to be ashamed of.

Elise says "scars are memories of the battles us humans have to fight. My battle was against brain cancer. I won the battle, making me the surviving warrior - not the cancer."  She describes her scar as a "battle wound" and goes on to say "not many people understand what we warriors have to battle against in order to survive, so this is a little part of my battle story showing what it is like to have cancer".

You can read more about Elise and her journey, here 

And you can see the stunning piece that she created below.  There will be further opportunity to see more of Elise' work, and that of some other very talented teens as their work will be on display at the Spotlight Theatre, Hoddesdon from the 10th December.


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