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7 Sep 2023

Andy's Three Peaks Challenge

Andy Jones, Westmill, is completing a virtual Three Peaks Challenge by climbing the same distance within his own home. The challenge, which traditionally involves climbing the three highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales, is one that Andy would have embraced as a fitness instructor and mountain leader, prior to his diagnosis of a Glioblastoma in April 2023. 

The ongoing symptoms Andy is experiencing are now preventing him from doing many of the things he loves, however, he is determined to continue fulfilling his passion for adventure, and is doing so with his own adaptation of the Three Peaks Challenge. With the support of his family and friends, Andy will climb a total of 2,098 flights of stairs, the equivalent of the 3,408m it takes to reach the summit of all three peaks. 

This week, Andy has reached the summit of his first peak; Mount Snowdon, a total of 668 flights of stairs, which he completed with a fixed line for assistance. For each summit he reaches, Andy and his family are planting an Azalea to mark his incredible achievements. 

Andy explains: “On a mountain when the weather turns, or the terrain isn’t quite as expected I would have to stop and think, make adaptations to lead others confidently and safely across objective dangers. The same strategy applies to our everyday lives – in life, when we are thrown curve balls, we have the choice to either crumble and breakdown or stand strong and find an alternative pathway.”

As part of the challenge, Andy is raising funds and awareness for Teens Unite; a charity based in Hoddesdon, which supports young people from across the UK following a cancer diagnosis. 

Since Andy started the challenge, he has raised over £11,000 for the charity. 

Andy explains: “I have been extremely fortunate and lucky in my 57 years to have been to some incredible places, seen extraordinary sights, experienced amazing moments. So many of the young people whom Teens Unite support are still in their early formative years and have an entire world to discover and experiences to fulfil.”

Andy’s challenge, and the funds he is raising, will enable more young people to benefit from the experiences Teens Unite provides.  

The next peak Andy will be virtually stiving to reach the summit of is Scafell Pike - 602 flights of stairs (978m). This will be followed by the hardest peak of all three; Ben Nevis - 828 flights of stairs (1345m). 

Anyone wishing to donate, can do so by visiting 


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