A Wonderful Evening filled with Art, Laughter and Lots of Glitter!

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18 Mar 2019

A Wonderful Evening filled with Art, Laughter and Lots of Glitter!

Esther Crichton, long term supporter of Teens Unite joined us to host a brand new workshop in Colchester on Friday night, working alongside CLIC Sargent.

5 young people joined us for the evening and expressed themselves through colour and process.

Esther took them through step by step, starting with choosing 3 colours that they felt drawn to and writing a personal message or inspirational quote on the base of their canvas, that only they would know was there once the painting was complete.

They applied the first layer of paint using their hands to move the paint across their prepared canvas. They built up the layers and swirled the paint creating their own individual piece.

Every canvas was adorned with beads, gems and sparkles, finishing with a sprinkling of glitter and a wish.

The room was filled with joy, laughter and chat, whilst everyone beavered away on their beautiful canvas. The process Esther shared allowed us all to create an individual piece, go through a creative journey and create something to be proud of.

Workshops like these encourage team work and interaction, uplifting the young people's state of mind and allowing them to enjoy a new experience together.

A BIG thank you to Esther for continuing to support Teens Unite and offering a fantastic opportunity for the young people we support to express themselves and try something creative.

If you have a skill that you could share with the young people supported by Teens Unite to help them to express themsevles in a new way, please email teens@teensunite.org to find out more about how you can get involved.

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