I can't, but we can

02 January 2018
  • Fundraising

I can't, but we can

This week, we’re thinking about partnering with local businesses throughout the year to raise awareness of us and our work, and helping the local business raise their own profile and benefit from all of the good that comes with Charity Partnerships. Today, we're looking at Team Building.

All successful companies, large or small, rely on strong relationships in the workplace. There are few better ways of achieving these strong relationships than by bonding over a charitable cause, sponsored by your employer.

Having your teams get together in a new environment, for a common cause, is an excellent way to bond, especially for employees who wouldn't normally work together.

The result – improved relationships, better communications, stronger team work, a positive outlook on life, all of which transfer to the workplace. Team building days don't always have to be "corporate", they can be quite the opposite, such as our flagship event, the Teens Unite "It's a KnockOut Family Fun Day".

You can book tickets for the It's a Knockout Fun Day now. And, if you'd like to know more about partnering with Teens Unite through 2018, please get in touch.

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