Bugs for Lunch...

27 March 2018
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Bugs for Lunch...

Teens Unite Supporter, Adele, is currently training for her challenge in Costa Rica later this year.  Last weekend, she took her training over to France, and this is what she had to say

"Today I cycled 12.35km - my plan was to also get some bread whilst I was out..... hence a weird detour on my route. The boulangerie was supposed to open at 3pm, by 3.15pm I gave up waiting - I was tempted to take the footpath back but thought the walkers had enough ‘risques’ to deal with. It was tough going back though as I had no snacks with me and I had barely eaten, apart from a mouthful of bugs. The moral of today’s story is never cycle hungry - lesson learnt. I was cold and ‘hangry’ when I got back but then delighted to find another donation! Great motivation! Followed by a large amount of food😊 and a hot 🛀 bath. Phew 😅 tomorrow I am hoping for a warmer day "


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