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3 May, 2019
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Hosting Discover You: What It's Like to Give Back to Teens Unite

Just over a month ago, we hosted 'Discover You' - a day for the young people we support to come together, surround themselves with others in a similar situation, and hopefully be inspired by the speakers and activities on offer. The day was all about positivity and discovering our own strengths, so that we could set goals and take the next steps towards achieving them.

We were over the moon to welcome Beth and Leanne as our hosts. This incredible duo are young people who have been supported by Teens Unite and have taken their journey with cancer to create a podcast, 'The C Pod,' through which they aim to inspire others on a similar journey, and reassure them that they are by no means alone. Their passion and dedication to bring young people who are overcoming a cancer diagnosis together as a 'community' really radiates everything we stand for at Teens Unite, so we were delighted that Beth and Leanne also recorded an episode of their podcast at Discover You with other young people we support, which you can watch below.

We caught up with Beth about what it felt like to host Discover You after attending the event at a completely different point in her life four years ago:

"Hosting ‘Discover You’ felt like the most natural thing to do. We spoke about an experience so personal to us, in a setting we felt most comfortable in. Teens Unite were there for us back when we needed them, and now, we have ability to give back and do what I feel is right.

I felt incredibly humbled when I was asked to host and just before stepping on stage. Of course, the anticipation had me thinking over my words! But I reminded myself that what would be best is to speak genuinely, unfiltered and true. It was surreal, standing there when we sat on the opposite side 4 years ago, and it makes you realise what is possible.

I didn’t want to stand up there and brag, about things I can do now, achievements, etc. because I know how that felt back when I felt debilitated. I wanted to stand there as a relatable person, once a teen, now embracing ability and my ‘new normal’, showing what can be done and that this doesn’t have to be the end.

My top highlights were listening to the other speakers as they all had their own tale to tell, with each tapping into the different characters in the audience. I took something from all of their speeches, whether business or sports based, as it all came back to the same thing. Our health is our wealth, and mentality is everything.

I loved recording a podcast with teens there, it was raw and spontaneous, and just goes to show that everyone is battling something, even if you cant see it from the outside. A short clip like that, when released, will really make the listeners think. It felt like we were family members, all “getting it” and sharing the support, as we have experienced the same thing and have the commonality of Teens Unite.

Overall, it was a wholesome, rewarding and a ‘feel good’ experience. Sometimes in life we need to stop, take a moment, and do ‘good things’ and the event was one of them. It reminds me to be humble and appreciative, and hosting Discover You enabled me to feel this way, and to take away positives from such a rewarding experience."


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