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20 Aug, 2018
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Activity Stay 2018 - Day Four

We spent day four of the Activity Stay at Herts Young Mariners Base, where we conquered our fears and challenged our strength with archery, rock climbing and bell boating. The generous funding commitment from the TUI Care Foundation enabled these activities.

Upon arrival, we split into two groups – one group went to the climbing walls and the other went to the archery area, and then we swapped round later in the day. 

There were lots of climbing walls of varying difficulties and everyone challenged themselves to achieve more than they believed they ever could. It was so inspiring and heart warming to see everyone supporting each other and pushing each other to achieve their full potential. Monique was an absolute climbing pro, and James even managed to conquer the huge overhang wall, which is one of the most difficult to complete at HYMB!  

HYMB delivered an archery session with a difference; after some initial training and safety briefings, we took it in turns to try and achieve the highest score. Liam was incredible and achieved the highest score of the day, with lots of other teens hitting gold! We then played a game of ‘pizza’ – in teams, we had to hit white for flour, blue for water, red for the tomatoes, yellow for the cheese and black to cook the pizza. Let's just say there were lots of burnt, watery 'pizzas' coming from the teens today!

Both groups then joined each other for a bite to eat before putting on our buoyancy aids to go bell boating! It took a while to get into the ‘paddle, tap’ rhythm but eventually we were sailing around the lake like pros.  

After returning to Mill Hill for dinner, we gathered in the common room for our Karaoke Night! There were some initial nerves, but it was great to see lots of young people overcome their fears and give us a song! With the boys performing hits from the likes of One Direction, the girls performing 'Black Magic’ by Little Mix and after Monique’s stunning rendition of ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele, we’re confident there’ll be lots of Teens Unite stars in the future! 

Today has really highlighted the strong bond we have made over the past few days – it really is strange to think that we’ve known each other for less than a week! We can't wait for one more day of making incredible memories tomorrow...

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