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Where Will World Cancer Day Take You?

On 4th February 2018, Teens Unite will be one of the many charities around the globe, uniting in the fight against cancer.

To mark World Cancer Day, we're embracing this year's theme; 'We Can. I Can' and we're asking you to pledge your support by signing up to one of our many challenges on offer for 2018.

With your help this World Cancer Day, WE CAN unite more young people diagnosed with cancer and rebuild their lives by providing the ongoing emotional, social and physical support needed throughout their challenging journey.

YOU CAN make a difference this World Cancer Day by committing to a challenge of your own.

Experience Croatia's shimmering coastline on two wheels, trek through the Grand Canyon, cycle alongside the beautiful mountains of Costa Rica or run side by side some of London's iconic landmarks. The choice is yours!

Will World Cancer Day take you overseas or in the UK? Take a look at our upcoming challenges here.


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