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Your support is critical 

Every day 7 teenagers hear the devastating words “you have cancer”. 

That’s 2,555 new cases of cancer in young people every year, close to 500 since lockdown began on 23rd March, and 79% of them will experience a serious impact on their mental health due to diagnosis and treatment. 

During this pandemic they are STILL going through cancer and will continue their fight long after Coronavirus passes.

Going digital has transformed our support

From the 23rd March, we converted all of our activities into online sessions, and we moved from 3 monthly activities to 4 digital activities every single week.

Thanks to the ability to meet, learn and have fun through virtual technology it has made our service far more accessible, enabling those who are too poorly to travel or simply too far away, the chance to learn new skills, express and challenge themselves without judgement and meet others their age who genuinely understand.

Please help us to help them live life beyond cancer

We can’t continue without urgent funds. We have had a 66% rise in applications, a clear signal that young cancer patients need help now more than ever before. But we are experiencing a 70% loss of income due to the cancellation of our fundraising activities. 

Without your help these young people will be left to fight alone, in continued isolation, without the opportunity to live life beyond their diagnosis.

You can help right now by…

Please support us today so we can create a lifeline for young people fighting cancer.