Meet James, 19, Testicular Cancer

Meet James, 19, Testicular Cancer

I was 19 years old and just about to start revision for my first year exams at University when I was diagnosed with Stage One Testicular Cancer.

I had a meeting with the Head of Department and my tutor to see what could be done to help me pass my exams and unfortunately they were unable to do anything.

I found dealing with the exam stress and the uncertainty of my health really challenging. I finished my final exam and went out with my friends that night to celebrate however since my chemotherapy started the next day, I didn’t have a nice time.

Going through the chemotherapy is the hardest thing I have ever completed. I remember naively thinking that I was glad I got cancer as someone who regularly checks and wasn’t embarrassed to go to the doctors to get checked up rather than someone who was embarrassed and may not check regularly. However, that changed after one cycle of chemotherapy.

I completed my treatment and thankfully passed my exams but I really struggled to forget the traumatic experiences that I experienced whilst in hospital.

During my treatment I felt completely isolated as the only young person in the ward and I felt that everyone was staring at me, surprised to see somebody so young.

After treatment my Mum heard about Teens Unite and signed me up. They have changed my life; I cannot thank them enough. I can honestly say I would not be in the position I am now without the support the charity has given me.

I finally feel that I have my life back on track. Meeting other young people who have been through similar experiences, offering support for each other was what I needed and building good memories and friendships whilst participating in amazing activities really has been brilliant.

I was so surprised to receive a bike from Teens Unite. It was really amazing to have a bike in order to help me get back to full fitness which took a lot longer than I thought it would.

I have recently signed up for Teens Unite’s Taj Mahal Cycling Challenge in order to push myself to my limits, as well as to help fundraise for Teens Unite. I am really looking forward to visiting India and the challenge will allow us to experience different parts of the country and the culture, which is really exciting. I think the biggest test of this challenge will be the constant cycling day after day, therefore I’ll be training hard to prepare for the challenge!

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