Meet Amanda, 20, Hypoplastic MDS, Severe Aplastic Anaemia

Meet Amanda, 20, Hypoplastic MDS, Severe Aplastic Anaemia

I had just finished my 2nd year of university when I was diagnosed with Hypoplastic MDS/ Severe Aplastic Anaemia. I am currently being weaned off the medication that has been keeping my blood levels stable (I have about 1 year and a half left if all goes well.)

Once diagnosed I was frustrated and upset, it felt as though my whole life had been derailed. My life was on hold whilst my friends got to continue forward and graduate without me.

The hardest thing to overcome was the feeling of isolation and being scared to do new things for the fear of pushing myself too far.

Teens Unite gave me my cancer family; friends that could understand what I had been through. Teens Unite gave me the confidence to try things I’d never done before and made me realise I am still just as capable as I was before I was diagnosed.

They provided me many happy memories in a time that could have been filled with uncertainty and sadness. The staff and volunteers are always there to listen.

Teens Unite have been the silver lining of my cancer journey and I honestly don’t know how I would have done it without their support.

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