What a Legacy

28 October 2020

What a Legacy

You may recall, last month we told you the sad news of the passing of  the Great Aunt of one of our Community Fundraisers.  Great Aunt Rose had always been very supportive of her Great Nephew and his incredible fundraising efforts on behalf of, not just Teens Unite, but a whole host of very worthy local causes.  

When Great Aunt Rose sadly passed away, the Family chose to continue to raise money in her memory.  They chose Teens Unite as beneficiaries and at a time of great sadness for them, created an incredible legacy for Rose,  raising more than £1,000 in her memory.

This legacy is particularly important to the Charity at a time like this, and will ensure that we can continue to bring together young people, isolated by their illness, further isolated by the need to shield, and ensure that they are part of an amazing Community, united by a common experience - facing cancer in their teenage or young adult years.  The funds will create opportunities for more than twenty young people to take part in one of our Positive Steps activities, which have been adapted for digital enabled access, ensuring that we comply with social distancing and other covid-19 response measures.  

We send a very large thank you to Aunt Rose's family for their incredible generosity at this sad time.



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