We're wishing with Amazon

30 January 2018

We're wishing with Amazon

Teens Unite Reunion Stay is back for its third year, where 20-25 young people come together for an unforgettable three night stay.

Following your generous donations at Christmas for our craft workshops, we have created an Amazon Wish List of items we would like for the exciting activities we have planned - from build and race mecanno to screen printing and casting .  


The Mecanno sets are for a build and race activity, where the young people will need to win components to create their model, which they will then race.

Screen printing…

We are running a screen printing workshop where the Teens will work together in pairs design and print t-shirts and tote bags. 

On the list there are t-shirts, tote bags, screen printing sets and a variety of coloured inks. 


The alginate, plaster of paris, buckets and spoons are for the casting workshop. The Teens will again work in pairs to mould their hand or foot, creating a plaster cast. Some may create a hand as a jewellery holder or create holding hands.

These gifts are sent anonymously.  If you are able to donate a gift from our wishlist, please send us an email so we know who to thank.


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