The power of parental support

12 December 2017

The power of parental support

On 26th November, while the Teens were enjoying their Christmas Party, sailing down the River Thames on our party boat, some of their parents took the opportunity to get together for a meal at Wildwoods.

As with all our events, we always ask for feedback, this helps us celebrate and do more of what we do well, and learn from the things that don’t go so well.

We asked the parents who attended the meal what their motivations for attending were, what the benefits were and whether they receive parental support from anywhere else.

The results were very positive with people’s motivation varying from it being somewhere nice to wait for their young person, an opportunity to meet other parents, and seasoned parents understanding the benefits that come with the opportunity.

In terms of the benefits, it’s lovely to hear how much parents get from this, as one says “there’s no book” to tell you how to deal with your child having a cancer diagnosis. 

All parents agreed that it was nice to meet people outside of a hospital appointment or during a hospital stay, all recognise that it’s both important and beneficial to meet with and talk to others who are in a similar situation.  They agreed that other support offered is quite "formal" and "medical".

One parent said that it was important to spend time away from their child, as “your life becomes consumed with their diagnosis and treatment….there isn’t a day that you don’t stop worrying”.

 The parents all agreed that it was a good opportunity to “chat to each other….about other things apart from cancer”.

We are very pleased that the parents benefitted from the opportunity and we will look for other opportunities throughout the year to support them to support each other through these informal gatherings.

We received some other, very touching feedback which we are delighted to share with you – “we need you, not sure Ella would be where she is now without you”.

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