Teens Unite to Pitch at Harlow Soup

29 May 2019

Teens Unite to Pitch at Harlow Soup

We are excited to be pitching at Harlow Soup tomorrow, where we'll be talking about our 'Expressing Myself' workshops from our Positive Steps Programme. 

Teens Unite run a variety of creative workshops such as art, music and jewellery making, which provide the opportunity for young people to express their thoughts and feelings through creativity. 90% of young people diagnosed with cancer experience anxiety, so we are committed to providing opportunities for them to express themselves and spend time with other young people who truly understand their thoughts, feelings and fears.

Harlow Soup is a wonderful scheme in our local community and we are so grateful to be a part of their event on 30th May at Pemberley Academy. You 'pay as you feel' on the door, and food and refreshments are provided, which you can enjoy whilst listening to Teens Unite and other local causes speak about their projects. You'll be given the opportunity to vote for your favourite project - and that's where we need your help!

If you're local to Harlow, please do come along tomorrow from 6:30pm to support Teens Unite at Pemberley Academy for Harlow Soup.

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