Luckily it's been warm, minus 10

21 February 2018

Luckily it's been warm, minus 10

On Saturday 10th February, Teens Unite supporter Yumi set off for an adventure of a lifetime raising money for Teens Unite. Yumi ventured to Sweden and travelled 200km along the beautiful and frozen landscape in a dog sledding challenge.  

As part of the trip, Yumi learned how to take care of her furry friends Gwen, Everest, Nita and Anya who carried her across the frozen landscape, which reached temperatures as cold as -10 degrees. She told us, "luckily it's been warm"!

Everest was Yumi’s favourite dog- she was only one and a half years old, so wasn’t used to being around people. Yumi managed to gain her trust by the end of the trip and spent many hours playing with her. Yumi really enjoyed taking in the scenery alongside her dogs, which she found calming.

Following her adventure, Yumi would definitely recommend others to sign up to a challenge. “I would say just do it, you can come up with a million excuses of why you shouldn’t and you only need one to do it.”  You can see some of her incredible photos here

We can’t thank Yumi enough for her support and raising a staggering £2,321.14 for Teens Unite.

Has Yumi inspired you to take on a challenge of your own? Take a look at what we have coming up.

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