Let's get Quizzical

29 November 2018

Let's get Quizzical

Over the last couple of months, we have been telling you about the students from Haileybury Turnford who have been working as part of the CVS for Broxbourne and East Hearts Dragon’s Apprentice Challenge to raise money for Teens Unite.

Working to turn their seed capital of £100 in to as much as possible, they have given up their half term break to clean cars and have been busy hosting a pop-up cinema, and now for the third and final instalment,  they’re turning their hands to a Quiz Event.  They’ll be testing the little grey cells of their teachers and their fellow students on December 12th.  The invitation is extended to the wider community and a group from a local care home will be joining them to give the young folk a run for their money.

The Quiz Master will be their Mentor, the very effervescent Michal from Wormley & Turnford Big Local,  so they can all be sure of plenty of fun and laughter.  The students will be providing food and drink to the contestants to make sure they have enough energy to keep up with Michal, and will be selling raffle tickets too for some fantastic prizes.

We are super proud of these young people and their fundraising efforts and wish them every success for the last of their events, we hope it is a HUGE success.

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