Early Christmas deliveries

21 December 2017

Early Christmas deliveries

This week Deb, our Chief Exec' and Sara, our Teens Liaison Officer, have had a lovely two days travelling around the counrtyside delivering bikes to some of the young people we support. 

Charity Bike Build and MSD Pharmaceuticals of Hoddesdon very generously donated the bikes, and have given us this wonderful oppportunity to deliver some Christmas cheer to some of the young people who were genuinely surprised and incredibly grateful that there are people out there thinking of them and their families.

Ella, 18 , said “It was such a lovely surprise seeing the Teens Unite van pulling up outside my house, and a brand new bike gifted to me to help build my strength back up now that my treatment is over, what a lovely early Christmas present! It was just the boost I needed. I haven’t been in a good headspace and just knowing I can put my mind to something good and build up my strength again is amazing!

We'll be delivering more of the bikes in the New Year, and would like to thank Charity Build a Bike and MSD Pharamceuticals for these very generous gifts and the opportunity to bring smiles to the faces of these young people.


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